We understand that you might be a little worried about coming into one of our homes with lots of people that you don’t know. So we have posted a few things that you might want to know before you come in.


What sort of kids live there? The children that live in the homes will be aged between 10 and 17. We do not put young people together that we do not think will get along.

What are the staff like? There is a great mix of young and older people that work in the homes, all of who want to do their very best to make sure that you are well looked after, feel safe and happy.

Can I have visitors? Yes, if it is safe to do so, we will do our best to make your family and friends welcome.

Can I stay with mates and my family? Only with your social workers permission

Will I have my own room? All young people have their own bedroom to decorate it how they like it. You will also have a key for your bedroom.

Can I go out on my own? Of course you can, once you have settled in. You will need to tell us where you are going, what time you will be back and who you are going out with, so that we can be sure that you are safe.

Do I have to go to school? Yes, we will help and support you to get into school, college or work experience.

Do I get pocket money? Every week you get pocket money dependent on your age. You also get a monthly allowance for clothes, toiletries, haircuts and activities.

Who can I talk to? We have a person that visits the homes once a month who is independent, we will also arrange for someone just to visit you who has nothing to do with Archways Care or social services. The staff are also here for you if you wish to talk about anything.

Can I smoke? We would prefer if you didn’t and we can help you quit. Most kids quit with our support. If you do smoke, you can only smoke in the designated area and only have five cigarettes a day.